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Spring in Review and affordable dresses

Again, I have been rather slack with posting!  When the weather is nice, I have a hard time sitting down inside and writing a post.  So I'm on our porch writing and avoiding the pile of laundry that needs ironing.

Cliff just graduated from Expeditionary Warfare School and we are all really proud of him!  He has been working very hard to get all of his work and school work finished so that he could still have time to spend time with us.  We celebrated afterwards with lunch at the Officer's Club.  Fortunately, parents were in town and able to join us. 

 I wanted something new to wear...shocked I'm sure, and luckily I found this red dress at Target.  I decided to try it on because it has sleeves.  I love a good flounce sleeve.  I loved it......however Claire must have not because she projectile vomited her lunch on me while putting her down for nap. 😑
A Marine in Cliff's graduating class is stationed at the Marine barracks in DC ( also known as 8th and I) and so generou…

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