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Diapers, Another money pit

Let's talk diapers!  I have featured my favorite wipes before on a Wild About It Wednesday Baby wipes post and I am still a huge fan....don't try to convince me otherwise! 😏 Evidently Costco wipes are really good but I still think the Parent's Choice ones are better!

Back when I nannied, I kept a boy that used cloth diapers.  His mom told me all about them, how much better they were for the environment, and the cost.  I know that would have MAYBE saved us some money but also maybe not when you factor in the time that it takes to wash them and the amount of electricity and energy used.  But oh man, those smells.  I don't think I could deal with those smells again..... especially if I wasn't getting paid for it!

ANYWAYS, this brings me to cheap(er) diapers.  For awhile, I was a big Pampers Swaddlers snob.  They were the softest and worked the best for us IMO. Fast forward to second kid that is now 17 months old, I have found a better alternative! WALMART DIAPERS!


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