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Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Easter is finally almost here!  I felt like winter was going to never end.  Here we  are now, sunscreen, mosquitoes, and allergies....Yay!  I have rounded  up a few more non candy Easter basket ideas for toddlers. First up are these Live Catepillars.  My sister bought these for her kids the past  couple of years and said that her kids were fascinated.  I think Charlotte would  really enjoy seeing the transformation!

Next up are Water Beads.  These are so much fun to play with...when Claire is not around!  They are super tiny and expand in water so harmful when swallowed.  Adult supervision is required.  We don't play with them that often but when we do, we both have a great time scooping them up or just running our hands through them.  
Kinetic Sand
We don't have any kinetic sand yet so this is on my list of things that the girls would enjoy playing with.  Both of the girls are really big into our neighbors sand box and building things.   I would keep this in a plastic shoe bo…

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