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MONEY!  As much as I LOVE spending money, I literally love saving it even more.  I want to get the best deal and the most bang for my buck.  Honestly, I was born this way.  My dad was pretty frugal and I think it just rubbed off on me......or it's in my blood!  Since we are pretty much a one income family, I try my hardest to stretch our dollars.  Here are a few of my favorite apps to save money!

1. Get Upside- this is almost my most used money saving app.   I can either check the app to find a gas station in the area that offers X amount off per gallon or I just go to the most convenient gas station that I know does cash back.  When prompted on the touchscreen at the station, I hit to print the receipt.  Occasionally the receipt won't print so I have to run inside to get a copy.  I immediately get in the car, open the app, and then take a picture of my full receipt.  It takes just a few seconds and I usually put the receipt in my car door just to make sure the picture uploaded correctly.  Then that is it!  FREE MONEY WOO HOO

You can use my referral code XBNBE for an extra 15 cents off per gallon!

2. Ibotta- This is my most often used app!  I used to check out the store that I was going to's offers before I would go.  This is probably a good idea but I often found myself buying unnecessary items or brands just because I would get cashback.  So I was spending more than I needed to.  Now, I just go to the grocery store, save my receipt, then check the app to see if they have any item offers for things that I purchased.  This app also offers bonuses if you claim multiple items listed!  Then you just snap a picture of your receipt and the app will usually be able to tell what items that you purchased.  Then the money will be put into your account within a couple of hours! 

With Ibotta, you can cash out once you hit 20$ or more!
My referral code for Ibotta is jxpeg!

3. Rakuten aka Ebates- This app can save you a ton of money....if you remember to open it up and use it before you checkout!  The percentage back varies from store to store,  It's not a gimmick and you really do get a check in the mail which I always appreciate........mailbox money!  So far, I have made almost 80$ just by purchasing my normal purchases but by either opening the app or using their link on my mac.  It's super easy.

Use my referral code for a 10$ bonus!

3. Walmart Grocery-  If you haven't used this FREE grocer gathering app then you're missing out!  I literally just click and put everything that I need into my virtual cart and order it at night.  Then I drive to Walmart and they put all of my groceries in my car so no one in the store hears Claire screaming and I get my groceries without trying to open alcohol before I'm out of the store. Kidding!  I say this is a money saving app because it does save you time and time is money! Also, I find that by doing this, I'm not wondering around the store buying unnecessary items.  Sure those freshly baked cookies look amazing but they are NOT ON YOUR LIST!  Order just the groceries you need, problem solved!  I also find that it makes it easier or more clearer to compare prices.  Like do I really need a 6$ 12oz jar of pickles or a 60 oz jar for 5$?  You get my point!

Enjoy $10 off your first order from Walmart Grocery.

4. RetailMeNot - If I am out shopping and think that the store where I am might have a coupon then I pull up this app and look for in store coupons.  A few of my stores that almost always have coupons are Hobby Lobby, Ulta, JCPenney, Michaels, and Rack Room Shoes.  Here are a few of the offers that are available to you, all that you have to do is open the app and let them scan the code while checking out! I have saved sooooo much money this way.  I've probably spent too much to but hindsight is always 20/20.

5. Chick-Fil-A- Yes MONEY SAVING APP!  Well especially if you eat there as often as we do.  I usually order our food from the parking lot so it automatically tracks what I spent and each time you eat there, you get points.  Then you can cash out your points for free food of your choice! #Winning
Depending on your location, your manager will send free food every now and then too!  

6. McDonalds- Yes, While we are at it....this app is like a fat kid's paradise!  Or a busy frugal Mom's.😏 We ate more McDonalds than I'm happy to admit when we lived on Quantico because it was the only drive thru on base.  However, with their app, you can order ahead of time then just pull into a spot and they will bring it out to you! Laziness at its finest!  I mean it's hard to scroll insta when you're having to constantly pull forward in the drive thru lane!
The app always has deals.  Sometimes Buy one get one free or for a quarter.  Our old McDonalds in Northern VA would give you a free large fry the day after the Capitals or Nats won!  Heck yes!  
They also have some delicious coffee beverages....I mean who has time for overpriced starbucks? lol Not this girl!

7. Target- Cartwheel App- I honestly have hardly gone to Target since we moved to Charleston because there isn't one that close to us so I forgot about this app!  I used to use it ALL. THE. TIME! You can not only check the prices of items before you even head to the store, you can see what additional sales that Cartwheel has to off.  For instance, if I see that toddler leggings, toilet paper, wine are 25% off or something, then you better bet we are stocking up! Nowadays, I forget to check the app before I go so I will literally scan every item that I'm purchasing (depending on Claire's mood) to see if it is on sale.  I buy a lot of the Target brand, Marketplace food items and they are almost always an additional 5% off.  Also, I have my Target red card linked to my app so all I do is scan the app for cartwheel offers and payment.  The red card is not a credit card, it's linked to my debit card so gets taken out just like it would with my debit card BUT, it allows me to save an extra 5% off EVERY purchase!  I also like that it keeps track of everything that I purchase incase I need to return something, my receipt isn't needed, I can just pull up the app.

8. Pampers- Well it used to be a good app when you could earn free diapers but it doesn't look like they offer them anymore. I used to enter in the codes from ALL of the girl's diapers and I would open up all the diaper boxes (at home) to get the codes and enter them right away so that I wouldn't forget.  I did get a good many free diapers by cashing out my points.  

Whew! I am tired!  Do you guys have any money saving apps that I did not cover?  I'm all ears!


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