Latest Purchases and a delicious tomato pie recipe

Stepping out of my comfort zone a little bit to share a few of my latest finds!  I bought a pair of these Rockstar high waisted jeans from Old Navy last year and loved them (thanks Jenna) so I just purchased another pair in a lighter color.  They really "sculpt" and suck you in! Hallelujah!  My lighter ones seem more stretchy and softer than my darker pair which are pictured below.

Girls being silly before eating sushi at one of our favorite happy hour spots in 
Charleston, O-Ku.  I love a good deal on food! 

SODA Women's Ankle Wrap Espadrille Flat (9 M US, Tan Jd)

Just bought these sandals and have been loving them!  I don't really wear heels much because I need to be able to dip out of places fast when Claire starts a screaming session so these are perfect for that!

I love a good statement earring and these are lightweight and affordable!  A win win!

I recently got an Apple Watch and am in love!  I love not having to have my phone in my hand to see or reply to a text message.  It is somewhat freeing.  I also love that it motivates me to close out my exercise ring everyday.  I will literally do jumping jacks right before bed to make sure that its closed.  However the hands down best feature of it is that I can swipe up and ping my cell phone to find its whereabouts.  I mean that is life changing for a person who left their cell in the fridge last week.
Anyways, I bought a new neutral fitness band because my light pink one was getting dirty.  

I wanted a little nicer one for when I'm not working out so my friend told me about this 
It's great to wear in the day or evening but I prefer the silicone one to sweat in.

I bought these workout tanks last summer when I was running a lot because they're breezy.  They are sporty muscle tanks so I like to wear the black one with a black sports bra that way it looks like one piece.  They come in a bunch of colors!

icyzone Workout Tank Tops for Women - Running Muscle Tank Sport Exercise Gym Yoga Tops Running Muscle Tanks(Pack of 3) (M, Black/Grey/Lavender)

Lastly, I bought this pack of Acrylic earrings to just wear casually.  They're super cheap so keep that in mind but I wanted something lightweight and to have a variety to choose from!

It's almost Friday!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Oh! I almost forgot!  This delicious Curry Tomato Pie by Food and Wine Magazine is to die for!
Here mine is before I cooked it!  Didn't get a cooked pic because Cliff immediately cut into it!

If you don't have these Baking Mats you need them and you can thank me later! 😆


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