Wild About It Wednesday- Family/Adult games

This WAIW is brought to you by my love for GAMES!  We just got back from my side of the family's beach vacation trip and every year games are played.  It is actually one of the things that I look forward to the most! I grew up playing cards,  Pictionaryscrabble, and Scategories and while these are still fun, I always love playing and learning new games!  Cliff's family loves to play games too and probably even more so than mine so trips and Holidays are always a good time.

For Christmas, we bought Cliff's sister and her new hubby Exploading Kittens.
Exploding Kittens Card Game
I bet we played 30 times while we were at Cliff's parents house for 3 days over Christmas!  We had the best time.  It is a very silly card game, easy to play, makes you laugh and we had so much fun playing it! I highly recommend it!

2. Qwixx Deluxe- We received this dice game last year for Christmas and since you can play with 2 people, we often find ourselves playing by ourselves.  You know, since we have kids we don't go out much.....or EVER! 
Qwixx Deluxe A Fast Family Dice Game
This game is more strategy/luck oriented but it is still fun to play and beat Cliff!
The deluxe version is a little more expensive but comes with dry erase markers and reusable boards!
Qwixx Deluxe

3. Sequence - I'm pretty sure that this game has been around forever but I just played it for the first time recently.  You can also play this game with only 2 people so I again, I enjoy kicking Cliff's .....butt! ;-)
Jax Sequence Game
Like it says on the box, haha, it is a game of strategy.  I enjoy these types of games because I'm pretty good at them.  Not tooting my own horn but I legit am.  It might be because of my competitive nature or either Cliff is just really bad at games! HAHA
4. LCR- This game is the cheapest to buy but the most expensive to play....if you play with real money!  I just played it at the beach and had so much fun with my sisters, aunts, and cousins that I came home and bought it to take with us to Cliff's family's beach trip.
LCR® Left Center Right™ Dice Game - Blue Tin
It's a super easy dice game and even more fun to gamble.....yes, guilty, we gambled a little!  I ended up profiting about 7$ so I was happy about that!

5. THINGS -My ultimate favorite game to play after having a few cocktails with funny friends or chill family members would be Things!  It allows you to be creative, serious, funny, and or crass!
PlayMonster The Game of THINGS…
We will definitely be playing this at the beach in a few weeks too! I have never laughed so hard in my life playing this with friends!  Wear Depends while playing if over the age of 50 or.......you've just had a baby! 😜


What are some of your favorite games to play?!?


  1. Love the Game of Things and Exploding Kittens. I will check out the others! Like Sequence too but we played it far too many times growing up and I just can't get excited about it anymore. Other games that are my fave you should check out is Codenames, Secret Hitler, and Love Letter. Codenames is a great way to show how you and your husband either are or aren't on the same wavelength at all haha! Secret Hitler is super fun, a game of lying and manipulation, and best played with 6+ people. Or if you don't want to spend $35 The Resistance is super similar and only $15 I think..Love Letter is a great short 2 player game that's been John and I's game of choice for about a year.

  2. Ooooowwww thanks so much for the suggestions! We will def check them out! I think Kat has that Secret Hitler game.


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