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Hey Guys!  I have literally been MIA on here for the past 3 weeks. We went on an RV trip for Cliff's birthday (that I am going to write about soon) and I just haven't gotten back in my groove yet!

I currently am playing kickball on a spouse's league here on base and I absolutely love it!  This is my third season on the same team.  It is so nice to get to still play a "competitive sport" now that I am getting older and am playing Mom 24/7.  With that being said, I also threw my back out last Sunday pitching during our game.  I mean I was legit hurt....alll week.  How does that even happen?!?  I have never done that before and felt so bad, super painful, and super annoying.  I could not stand up straight until Wednesday and didn't even cook dinner until Thursday.  Poor Cliff had to really step up his game doing dinner, baths, and bedtime and he has been super busy with work lately.  I felt so bad putting more on his plate but was super grateful that he was able to help me.  It was not a good week.

Since it felt better to sit than stand, I was able to sit at my sewing machine and embroider a few shirts for the girls during their naps!  Cliff bought me this embroidery machine for Christmas a few years ago in hopes that I might sell some things.  I might one day but right now I don't have the time.  I could also use a tutor.  My work could use some serious help!  It is fun being able to make the girls things for different occasions!

It's now Monday and I am feeling a lot better.  I went to my running group this morning and got in a very short run.  I'm currently seeing a spine specialist to help figure out what it causing my pelvis, hip, lower back and knee pain so my workouts have been very limited lately.  I am still in physical therapy once a week and I am hoping to have some answers soon from the spine doctor.  It is not fun being injured!

It was "Represent your favorite football team day" at Stroller Warriors so the girls wore their Citadel Cheerleading outfits!

On Saturday, I took the girl's to a fall festival at the Army base close by.  They both got their faces painted and picked out more small pumpkins to paint at home.  We have quite
the collection of pumpkins around here.  Cliff had to stay at home to work on a paper so he could attend Sunday's Panthers game.

My brother in law Rob scored tickets to the Carolina Panthers game at the Redskins stadium on Sunday.  Charlotte nor I had ever been to an NFL game so we were pretty excited.  Claire stayed at home with a sitter since sitting still for her is not at all possible!
We had a great time despite Carolina not winning and sitting in traffic on the way home for 2 hours.  DC traffic is no joke!

 Oh yea, We also tried the melted crayon pumpkin last week.  It did not do so well so I do not recommend it.  The cheaper crayons did melt easier however it still took a long time to get the crayons to melt at all!

My sister ordered the face paint crayons that I posted on insta stories last week.  Her kids loved them and she has since ordered more!  My kids love facepaint too so I guess we will be getting some as well!
JOYIN 24 Colors Face Paint Safe & Non-Toxic Face and Body Crayons (Large Size 3 inch) Ultimate Party Pack Including 6 Metallic Colors for Halloween Makeup


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