Matchy Matchy Sibling set

It is very obvious that I like to dress my girls alike.  That way, if you lose one, you can remember what the other one is wearing!  KIDDING......but it would help!
Honestly, they like it too.....well Charlotte does. She actually will request to match her sister and I love that sweet sisterly bond.  Claire doesn't have an opinion about her clothes......yet and I know that it's only a matter of time I'm sure.
I am not always buying them two outfits at once though.  If Charlotte outgrows something, I will pass down that outfit, shirt, pants, etcetera to Claire, and just buy Charlotte the next larger size.  That way each piece will get worn by both girls if you get what I am saying.  I try to be resourceful and make the dollar go as far as it will reach.

Claire got this cute Toddler Chicken Outfit by Fiream for her birthday, so of course I bought Charlotte the matching outfit set.  Their outfits are super affordable and have held up through numerous washes.   I sometimes have to wash things multiple times because kids are the dirtiest things EVER!  If there's a mud puddle, they will find it!  How cute is this bunny outfit set???

Santa brought these precious Dinosaur pajamas and I am pretty sure that he found them in good ole Walmart.  Pajamas are something that I like to buy new because we wear them so often and they're pretty affordable to buy new.

I have also had luck looking on Ebay or Poshmark for matching pieces, for instance, these matching Santa dresses by Rosalina.  I already had one in a 12 month size so I found it on Poshmark in a 3t and bought it for Charlotte.

These cute lemon dresses were only 5 dollars from H & M Kids last summer!

They don't always match either and sometimes, their outfits are just similar.  We wear a lot of cheap leggings from Old Navy, H & M, or Target and pair with a solid color or denim top!  This cute Unicorn dress is also by Fiream and is very affordable and cute.  I usually size up because the dresses tend to shrink if you're lazy and put them in the dryer like me!

Toddler Shorts or Bloomers are a must at our house under dresses.  Or as Char likes to call them "Booomers".
I.C. Collections Little Girls White Double Seat Panty, Size 04


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