Toddler Reading List - Our Most Loved Books

Books!  I try to read to Charlotte and Claire as much as possible and was thrilled to hear her pediatrician say "You must read to Charlotte a lot!" #momwin.  It felt nice to know that I was doing SOMETHING right because this parenting is no easy feat.  Toddlers can tend to make you lose your mind and I often stress about teaching her life lessons and hope that I am doing it right.  I tend to turn to children's books to help aid with that.  I feel that reading certain books repetitively, showing her the pictures, and then talking about the book at various times throughout the day or after situations similar really help her grasp the concept that I want her to get.  I guess that isn't rocket science but it is wild how much they really take in at this young.
I read a ton once we first moved when I was in 4th grade.  I didn't have any friends yet, so reading became my life.  My school had a program in which you would take a test once you finished a book and earn points.  I thrive off of incentives of any kind!  I guess my love language is gifts! hahaha Anyways, my test scores soared once I started reading so much!
Back to toddler books.  I buy a bunch of ours at thrift, consignment, and used book stores.  We have a Second and Charles used book store that is amazing and if you have one, definitely check it out!  You can sell your old gently used books and then either take the cash or use the credit in their store.  We are also fortunate to have an awesome little library on base that offers a story time 4 days a week.  I try to take the girls at least once a week and we always check out new books.  We are also involved in a program called "1000 books before kindergarten" which motivates us to read to the girls even more! 

*Also Dolly Parton's Imagination Library is a book gifting program that mails free books to children from birth to age five in participating communities within the United States!  Check it out to see if they will ship to you!

 Here are a few of our current favorites!

1.Nobunny's Perfect-Anna Dewdney

This has got to be one of my absolute all time favorites and we both have it memorized.  I am a sucker for rhyming books.

Having been a victim of extreme bullying, I want to teach my daughter the importance on being a kind person and never singling anyone out.  I hope by starting early, she will understand that bullying is never ok and won't be tolerated in our house.  Again, this book rhymes so an added bonus in my opinion!

3. Llama Llama time to share- Anna Dewdney
Ok, last one by Anna but her books are just so good and Charlotte loves them!

Llama Llama time to share

4. A Guide to Sisters- Paula Metcalf
This book is another one of my absolute favorites!   I find it adorable and pretty funny.  I know Charlotte doesn't quite get the humor yet but it is a good read and a must have for anyone becoming a big sister!

Image result for guide to being a big sister

A Guide to Sisters

5. Dinosaurs DON'T Dinosaurs DO- Steve Bjorkman

Charlotte is going through a dinosaur craze phase so I have checked out many different dinosaur books from our library.  This one is cute and talks about various things that are nice to do and some not so nice things that the Dino's should not do. Hence the

6. Can you cuddle like a Koala?- John Butler

Charlotte likes to act out the different animals in this book.

7. Baby danced the Polka- Karen Beaumont
This is one of our new favorites!  It's pretty funny and the pictures are old school which I enjoyed.  Read it and you'll get what I am talking about!

Image result for baby danced the polka

Baby danced the Polka

8. The Gruffalo- Julia Donaldson
We LOVE the Gruffalo!  It is pretty popular so I am sure that lots of you have read it.  It rhymes too so it's pretty enjoyable to read!

Image result for the gruffalo

The Gruffalo

9. The Rainbow Fish-Marcus Pfister
This one is an oldie but still very good!  It is about sharing and how much happier you are when you selflessly share. 

10. Fancy Nancy- Jane O'Connor
The Fancy Nancy book series is adorable!  These books really help kids broaden their vocabulary and  have an easy way of getting them to understand the "big words".

11. Dinosaur Time-Peggy Parrish
I think this book is pretty lame but it's an easy to read book and Charlotte LOVES it.  She request it nightly.  I do like that she retains the information from the book and I love to hear her say "STEG.O.SAUR.US" and a few others that I mispronounced! I bought a pack of little dinosaur figurines from the Dollar Tree and she can name about 5 different kinds now.

12. Dr. Seuss Books - No place like Space
On Beyond Bugs
Oh say can you say Dinosaur?
A Whale of a Tale

These are all new to me but full of information!  Charlotte will retain it and randomly tell me facts about bees....or whales!  They have many others to choose from too!

13. How do you hug a Porcupine? -Laura Isop
This one rhymes of course!  It is silly and I really like it.....probably more than the girls!

That is all for now, I would end up being here all day!  What are some of your favorite Toddler books?


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