Spring in Review and affordable dresses

Again, I have been rather slack with posting!  When the weather is nice, I have a hard time sitting down inside and writing a post.  So I'm on our porch writing and avoiding the pile of laundry that needs ironing.

Cliff just graduated from Expeditionary Warfare School and we are all really proud of him!  He has been working very hard to get all of his work and school work finished so that he could still have time to spend time with us.  We celebrated afterwards with lunch at the Officer's Club.  Fortunately, parents were in town and able to join us. 

 I wanted something new to wear...shocked I'm sure, and luckily I found this red dress at Target.  I decided to try it on because it has sleeves.  I love a good flounce sleeve.  I loved it......however Claire must have not because she projectile vomited her lunch on me while putting her down for nap. 😑

A Marine in Cliff's graduating class is stationed at the Marine barracks in DC ( also known as 8th and I) and so generously gave us tickets to attend the Silent Drill Parade and hear the President's Own Band.  It was quite impressive.  Since my parents were in town visiting, Cliff and I made a night of it and stayed in the city. 

Here we are in the Center House at 8th and I.  It was an honor to
have been able to go here.  The original house was built 1801.  This one was
rebuilt in 1907 and is full of old Corps traditions.

 I wore this Lightweight floral boho dress and really liked it except for having to hold it closed while running to catch our uber.  I warned you. 😜 I ordered it in a Large, it actually wraps and ties so you can make it tighter if needed.  The print that I ordered is no longer available but there are other patterns. I might have to get this pretty palm one!


I had also ordered this colorful floral dress because I love the beautiful print and the flowiness of it and it had great reviews but I did not like the sleeves on me so I sadly returned it.

                                              Milumia Women's Button Up Split Floral Print Flowy Party Maxi Dress Large Multicoloured

We were also able to go to the zoo with my parents last weekend too.  I had no idea that the National Zoo was so large because we have only been to zoolights at night and they have most of the zoo roped off.  If you do get the opportunity to go, take it but for warned......it is hilly!   Charlotte was tired of walking and I made the mistake of leaving the double stroller in my car.  Lesson learned!  They wore their favorite summer shoe and luckily had no issues with blisters.  

Charlotte and Claire loved the pandas the most despite their tired expressions!

We were all pretty tired after that hike.  I wore this cute Embroidered top again and 
was glad that I opted for sleeveless because it was HOT!
My tortoise shell glasses are out of stock but the Black  ones are on sale!

Naptime is over..... More to come next week!  
I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!


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