Non Toy Gift Guide

hey friends!  It has been a hot minute ๐Ÿ˜‚ Between KIDS, having physical therapy twice a week, and traveling for the holidays, I have not seemed to have had the time NOR made the time to blog but I'm going to try to get back into it, starting with that long run on sentence!  Since Christmas is just around the corner, I figured I'd start with some gift guides.  Gifts are my love language....well one of them.  I LOVE giving gifts but am often stumped on what to buy people!  Therefore, we will start with the kiddos.  Here is my top NON TOY gift ideas!

Rain Coats, Boots, and umbrellas!

A little rain never stops us from going outside so having the essentials to keep the girls somewhat dry is a must!

Charlotte has these Kid Hunter Boots and wears them ALL.THE.TIME!  I purchased them from a friend but I'd say they're worth the money!
And every rainbow baby needs a Rainbow Umbrella.  Hopefully Santa will snag this one!

Rainbrella Kids Sky Collection Rainbows Umbrella, Clear

If your kiddo's are hard core, this Rain Suit might be more up to speed!  I love that you can just wad it up into that pouch and throw it into your car to put on over their clothes.  Wet playgrounds are no longer a problem!

Tuffo Unisex-Baby Infant Muddy Buddy Coverall, Blue, 2T

Sleeping BagsHow cute are these Unicorn Sleeping Bags from Pottery Barn Kids?
Shaggy Head Unicorn Sleeping Bag

My girls don't have them yet but I can see this being a great gift that would get tons of use as they get older!

While you're on the PBK, check out their Anywhere Chairs.  I have one for each kid and they LOVE theirs!  Charlotte's is the largest size and Claire's is the medium.  They will sit in them to read books, or to just play, watch a movie, and to pose for pictures of course!  An awesome gift in my book!

A Tent

We have this Princess Tent and both of the girls love to play in it.  I mean why wouldn't they?  It makes the perfect hiding from mom spot when she's running late and trying to get out of the door.....๐Ÿคฆ

This Colorful Tent is a more gender neutral option and looks like it folds up fairly easy!

Alvantor Kids Tents Indoor Children Play Tent For Toddler Tent For Kids Pop Up Tent Boys Girls Toys Indoor Outdoor Playhouse Camping Playground 8010 Rainbow 48รข€x48รข€x42"

Gymnastics, piano or voice lessons, Dance lessons, Karate Lessons, or something of that nature! These lessons can be quite pricey and if you have multiple children in them, it gets really expensive!  I think this would make an awesome non toy gift!  I'm probably going to wrap up some little ballet slippers for Charlotte with a note saying that she gets to start lessons in January.  She is going to be so pumped!

Children's museum, indoor jump place, or a Zoo pass!  Any fun experience and an excuse to get out of the house would also make a great gift!  A pass is usually well worth the cost if it gets used more than once!

Sunglasses-  Who knew toddlers would be so adamant about having their own pair.  Of course we love our Babiators because they were invented by a Marine and they have an awesome replacement policy!  A big win in my book.
Babiators Kid's Navigator Uv Sunglasses, Think Pink, 0-2 Years

A letter board  - These are the latest craze and you can find them almost anywhere!  It would be super cute with a motivational quote or bible verse in your kid's room!  Especially if your handwriting is sub-par and the chalkboard just "ain't cutting it" ๐Ÿ™… (Check out my instastory for reference)

A personalized Step Stool- Ok so this may be random but we have step stools all over our it seems. Again, it is a 4 story townhouse so they are like on every floor!  Anyways, Charlotte loves to use this wooden one from my childhood with my name on it!  I know a personalized one would be a thoughtful gift for any child!  Hello, encouraging independence! ๐Ÿ™Œ  This one comes unfinished, so you could paint and seal it yourself!  Anyone Crafty?

handmade 7 1/2" wooden step stool with hand hole wooden step stool handmade step stool rustic wooden step stool childrens step stool unfinished wooden step stool

An Alarm clock-  I feel like I have posted about this Children's Alarm Clock before but I can't remember!  Anyways, Charlotte is getting one for Christmas.  It will turn green when it is time for her to get out of bed (whatever time we set it to).  Char is a pretty good rule follower so I am hoping this will work.  Some mornings, she gets up way too early and since she has no idea what time it is, I can't really blame her!

That is all that I have for now!  Anyone else have any non toy ideas?  I am ALL EARS! ๐Ÿ‘‚๐Ÿ‘‚

I plan on doing a top toy gift guide soon but in the meantime, you can check out our 


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