Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Easter is finally almost here!  I felt like winter was going to never end.  Here we 
are now, sunscreen, mosquitoes, and allergies....Yay!  I have rounded 
up a few more non candy Easter basket ideas for toddlers.
First up are these Live Catepillars.  My sister bought these for her kids the past 
couple of years and said that her kids were fascinated.  I think Charlotte would 
really enjoy seeing the transformation!

Insect Lore Live Cup of 10 Caterpillars to Butterflies - Butterfly Growing Kit REFILL - SHIP NOW

Next up are Water Beads.  These are so much fun to play with...when Claire is not around!  They are super tiny and expand in water so harmful when swallowed.  Adult supervision is required.  We don't play with them that often but when we do, we both have a great time scooping them up or just running our hands through them.  

We don't have any kinetic sand yet so this is on my list of things that the girls would enjoy playing with.  Both of the girls are really big into our neighbors sand box and building things.   I would keep this in a plastic shoe box bin in hopes that they would keep it contained.

Kinetic Sand Neon Colors | Gift Set of 4 Colors - Purple, Blue, Pink & Green 5 oz Containers

Small Construction Vehicles
These are the best for keeping the littles entertained while playing in sand!

Lego Figures
Char and Claire are a little too small for the Lego movie
but kids in our hood love it!  These little figurines will fit in and on all the lego
sets so they're very popular and the perfect size to put in Easter eggs!
Lego Lot Of 10 Minifigures Random Lot Star Wars, Ninjago & More (US Seller)


Our favorite summer shoe has made its appearance! Claire has already outgrown Charlotte's old
ones so the Easter Bunny is bringing her a bigger pair!  We LOVE and LIVE in these shoes!

Russian Nesting Dolls
I know that the girls would love taking these apart and eventually
fighting over the cute bunny.
Nesting Babies with Chiming Bo Bunny Russian Dolls Safe for Babies and Toddlers
Hide and Squeak Eggs
These are fun to match up....if you don't lose the pieces!  hahaha
TOMY Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs | Easter Egg Toddler Toys | Matching & Sorting Learning Toys |Top Toy for Easter Baskets| FFP
Stomp Rocket Launcher
Our neighbors have one and the girls love watching the other kids launch the rocket
as high as they can. 
Stomp Rocket Ultra Rocket, 4 Rockets - Outdoor Rocket Toy Gift for Boys and Girls - Comes with Toy Rocket Launcher - Ages 6 Years and Up

Water Balloons
I mean the kids already are throwing things at each other anyways!  Each color group
 magically fills up at the same time so you can get to throwing quickly!
I can remember playing on these for hours when we were kids.  We have the perfect "not too steep hill" beside our house and this water slide would be a great summer toy to have!

Wham-O Slip N Slide Hydroplane Double With 2 Slide Boogies

Wearable Towels

If they get wet then they're going to need to dry off!  These wearable towels are perfect to keep on
in the carseat on the drive home from the pool too!  They come in different patterns as well!

Kinder Eggs
Both girls (and Cliff) love these things!  One side is a chocolate dessert and the other
is a small toy that you have to put together.  It is always a surprise to see what is inside!
Chocolate Kinder Joy for Girls with Surprise Inside (12-Pack)
Happy Easter Friends


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