Our Flight to Florida Recap

First I wanted to thank everyone who sent me suggestions on what to take to keep Claire entertained on the flight! Both flights weren't the smoothest but then again they could have been MUCH worse so we will count our blessings!  We finally gave in and bought a Kindle Fire with this kid's case to keep Charlotte entertained and that worked like a champ.  I also got her these headphones
 that were ok but fit a little big for a 3 year old.

 The biggest hit for both girls were gel window clings.  The kids stuck them on the window, the seats in front of them (gently), and even on Daddy's head! Luckily our Dollar Tree had some
Easter ones so I picked up 2 sets there.  

Out of pure desperation, I ordered these candy bracelets.  My kids have never had them before so they were in heaven.  Warning!!!  They are extremely sticky so be sure to have
wipes handy...like LOTS of wipes!
Claire also had fun opening and shutting this EMPTY Pill Organizer.
Opening and shutting that thing must've worn her out
because she passed out......as soon as we landed! 😑

We were stuck in traffic on the way to our final destination, so I desperately gave Claire anything to help her be quiet.  Unfortunately, I did not pay close enough attention to her once she was quiet because neither my chapstick nor powder survived that drive.

Florida was great!  The weather was so much warmer than Virginia and everything was green. It was so nice getting to visit Cliff's family and we even squeezed in a date night to celebrate our 10 year dating anniversary and St. Patrick's Day! Yes, we like to celebrate everything!

Despite their faces (just woke up from naps) they had so much fun at some neat outdoor
playgrounds and feeding the ducks with Lili and Grandaddy.

 Claire didn't start
walking until last fall and it really hasn't been 
warm enough yet at home
to be barefoot outside.  So this was her first time wearing 
sandals and being barefoot in grass.  She walked around like 
a newborn giraffe.  It was hilarious!

It was even warm enough to swim in the Grandparent's new pool! 
We picked up two of these Speedo Safe Splashers for the girls to wear. 
I like these better than the puddle jumpers because it has the vest part that
 goes over their shoulders.

I ordered this cute Embroidered Top a few weeks ago
so I was thrilled that it was warm enough to wear it.

The embroidery detail is adorable but my hair covered it up so here's a better pic.  
I left the shirt untied and the girls had fun playing with the cute pom poms all day!  The shirt is super
flowy and could even be worn pregnant and no, not pregnant just suffering from winter weight! haha

Floerns Women's Sleeveless Ruffle Striped Embroidered Pom Pom Tie Neck Blouse Blue XS

I left my favorite sunglasses at home but luckily had back up pair in the car!  The best
part about them is that they're only 10$! Yaaaaassssss
I'm always worried that I'll lose my sunglasses or one of the girls will break
them.  Luckily, these are affordable and can be easily replaced!
Also, I'm in desperate need of a cute go to sandal for summer.  These 13 year old Jack Rogers need 
to go but I haven't found anything any more comfortable, durable, or as cute!

Now we are back in Virginia and it was 32 out this morning.  I am sooooo ready for some 
warmer weather and cute summer clothes!


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