Charlotte's Nursery....where Claire sleeps

So confusing right?  Before we play musical rooms again, dismantle the nurseries, and or move again, I want to share with you Charlotte's nursery which is now where Claire sleeps.  When we found out that we were having a little girl the first time, I knew that I didn't want pink everywhere.  However, there is no escaping pink!  So I surrendered and it has since taken over.

I stuck to pretty simple bedding.  The crib bumpers are by Serena and Lily and they no longer have the "punch" color, only white and navy.  The crib sheet and changing pad cover are by Trend Lab and I purchased them off of Amazon of course.

My most used piece of furniture is the beloved white Pottery Barn Kids rocker.  Yes, it is white however, it is a slipcover that is super easy to remove and wash/bleach.  I used to wash it quite often when Charlotte was a baby as she spit up a ton.  Fortunately, Claire does not spit up but who has time to sit around a lot in a rocker with baby number 2? 😏 Which reminds me, I probably should wash it now!

I picked up this beautiful dresser from a Goodwill nearby and thought about chalk painting it and still might later.  I love the drawer handles on this one and will keep them regardless!  Again, the same mirror as Claire's and it is from Hobby Lobby.  The horse head is by Fiona Walker England was something that I won off of an instagram contest!  It looked pretty boyish so I added a bow, pink of course!  The Mohave rug is from Target and currently on sale!

I am a big fan of Lulie Wallace but can't quite afford to drop my kid's college savings on one of her pieces so my sweet Mother in law painted this Lulie inspired painting for Charlotte's nursery!  I love it and it will be a special piece for Char to always have!

One of our neighbors was getting rid of this awesome Little Tikes Toy Box Bench and I was thrilled to get it for the girls.  I love that it is vintage and it can be used to not only hide toys but for seating

The big Princess tent was given to the girls from a lady at Cliff's office and they love it!  I can remember loving to play in forts and tents when I was little too!

I bought both of these prints off of Etsy and printed them out then placed them in frames that I already had. 

Charlotte's old nursery and photo by Amy Marie Kay Photography.


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