Easter Basket ideas that are non candy

I love putting together Easter baskets for the kids!  I found these small soft ones from Pottery Barn Kids and I like that they are super light weight and easy for the kids to carry. They are also on SALE for 13$ if you want to hoard for next year!  Since they are still young, they don't know that they are getting Easter baskets nor expect anything, which I LOVE!  I find that it makes it more fun to surprise them with special treats.  I may have gone a little overboard this year but a good bit of this stuff is either things that they already had or needed!  Socks and undies/diapers are usually in there too but I still have yet to get them.

We are doing baby led weaning with Claire (a blog post on that coming soon) so puffs for her were a must!  One of Charlotte's favorite snacks are yogurt covered raisins so I snagged a bag of these Easter ones at the grocery store too.  She also loveeeessss her "assulsauce" so I got a box of the pouches to throw in there.  This kind is unsweetened so that is a plus too!

Our neighbors have a bird feeder like this that hangs in their window, the same window that Charlotte loves to sit in and look outside.  I thought this would be a hit for all of us to watch the birds up close.

If that isn't close enough, these cute Binoculars ought to do the trick!  We are also big into bubble blowing around here but Charlotte constantly bends over and spills them.  I picked up these no spill Fubbles and a big bubble refill bottle so hopefully we won't be wasting so many bubbles.

Those who know me, know that I love the Dollar Tree.  Yes, everything is a dollar!  These cute little animal figurines are a huge hit at our house and we put them in different sensory boxes (Rainy Day Fun).  Char loves to pick them up with spoons and dump them in cups or bury them.
I also bought these cute magic towels there too because duh, they are MAGIC.   I think Char will love them, we needed some more kid washcloths, AND she loves Frozen and Beauty & the Beast.

I also picked up these Coloring Books, stickers, and scissors from the Dollar Tree too because again.....they are a DOLLAR each!  Char enjoys coloring, sticking stickers on Claire, and lately has been caught with my scissors so I want to see how she handles some kid ones.

Cliff is big into Breweries.....ok, ok, I am too, so we took the kids with us to one the other day.   They had a bunch of games there so we introduced Char to Candy Land.  She had a blast playing it with us and cried when we left.....the Brewery!  I saw that Target had games buy one get one half off so I purchased Candy Land and this Let's Go Fishin' game for under 10$.  I have the Redcard which gives you 5% off every purchase so I highly recommend it.  I also use their Cartwheel app for additional savings.  Woohooo saving money while spending it!

PAJAMAS!  Who doesn't love new PJ's?  Char is finally getting out of her "sleep neeeked" phase and since we are potty training, nightgowns are the easiest.  I got her Frozen nightgown and Claire's new Pineapple zip jammies off of Zulily.  I have only purchased things from there a few times so be weary of shipping times.  I am still waiting on a pair of pants that I ordered 2 weeks ago when I ordered their PJ's.

Sandals!  These are actually Charlotte's old Sun Sans but Claire doesn't know and this will be her first pair of shoes.  I love these for the spring and summer and they go with everything....except for maybe pants.  Haha

Since Claire does not have much hair (She takes after her Daddy hahah), I recently ordered these cute little Bow Headbands.  I'm not a big fan of big bows on tiny babies so these are perfect and super dainty.  Luckily, she doesn't pull them off.....yet. 

It should start warming up and before you know it, the pool will be open!  Hallelujah!  The pool is one of our favorite activities.  Therefore, bathing suits were a must!

Again, Char is big into Dinosaurs so when I saw this Dino Dress, I knew that I wanted to get it for her.   The quality is not nearly as good as Boden but you can't beat that price and the kids destroy clothes so quick anyways.  I do hope that it will make it long enough for Claire to wear.  The smallest size is a 2-3T.  I always size up because these do shrink!

Lastly, a great egg stuffer are these Sticky Hands.  I bought them for Char's birthday party and so we had some left over.  The kids have so much fun playing with them.  My husband did too....for the past 30 minutes....slapped the computer while I tried to type.

So that is way more than enough for the kiddos this year.  I'm pretty sure that we are going to hoard some of that for a rainy day or in my secret treat stash.  I feel bad as Charlotte is getting way more than Claire but she is still so young and is fortunate to have everything she needs, and plenty of hand me downs from her big sister!  I hope this helps and feel free to add any other ideas below!



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