Wild About it Wednesday 13- Nike Toddler Shorts

Now that I am trying to run at least 3 times a week, Charlotte sees me wearing running shorts all the time!  I prefer to run in leggings but it's now WAY too hot for those!  She is also really into matching and so she wants to wear her "wunning" shorts too!  I think it's so sweet.  She already had a couple pairs of these little Nike Shorts and I have been washing them on repeat so I decided to buy her a few more pair.  I found these 3 pairs at TJ Maxx on clearance for only $5.50.  They had others for $6.99 which is still an awesome deal!  On amazon, they range in price from $10-$25!

These have the built in underwear too and I love the elastic waistband.  They are super easy to pull up and down, like easy enough that Miss Independent can pull them up and down all by herself to potty!  👍 I find that when she has on other shorts that she has a hard time getting them down and then needs help snapping or buttoning them up.  I also really like that these come in so many different color combos.  You know, so you can support your favorite team......
She picked out these "owange" ones and loudly said "GO TIGERS" in the store!  😉


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