We've MOVED!

What?!?! I thought surely that we would be in Quantico for another year however Cliff has this way of keeping things interesting! He applied for a job at The Citadel, his alma mater, as a TAC officer and he was offered the job! Sooooooo we recently moved ourselves to Charleston in less than 3 weeks time!  A full do it yourself move......I am still recovering.  It was quite comical. Cliff driving the huge Uhaul truck and me hauling a trailer with both kids (one screaming mind you), and our ginormous Lab!  It took over 10 hours to get down here!
Cliff will remain in the Marine Corps reserves so I will still get to see him in cammies a few days a week. #winning

Trying to beat the heat in The Citadel's sprinklers on the parade deck!
I hope we don't get any Tours! πŸ˜‰

While we thoroughly enjoyed our time in Quantico, I think we were both ready for a change and to be a little closer to family. Quantico will always be a special place to us as it's where we brought home our second baby girl! We had the best neighbors and met some of the most amazing people there. I felt like Quantico and the friends that I made there really taught me how to be a better person! My mom always told me "in order to have a friend, you need to be a friend." I learned to really put myself out there because we all were in the same position, new moms, away from home in a new town, and in desperate need of friends.

Exploring the Battery downtown!

We are loving being back in Charleston and are adjusting to the heat and humidity.  As of now, I can barely step outside without sweating profusely!  It has been really fun reconnecting with old friends and it is a whole different ball game since almost all of us have little ones now.  No more college late nights on Market Street. 😏It's now park play dates, water parks, beach trips, and Chick-fil-A!

 I loved our Stroller Warriors group so much that I have considered trying to get one started at the Joint Base here.  In the meantime, I've started working out with Fit 4 Mom Charleston and have  already met some great girls!

The dreaded star jump! hahaha

We were lucky that the talented Tallulah Lou Photography so generously gifted us the Mommy and Me shoot for Mother's Day.  She took them a few weeks before we moved.  Lou was a pleasure to work with and we loved the photos.   I love to have updated pictures of the girls because they change so quickly!  I even got their hair cut for summer shortly after these pictures were taken and now they already look so different. Quantico friends, definitely check her out!

 I got the girls these little cotton matching dresses (shocker). 
I love it when they match!


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