Workin' on My Fitness....They're my witness(es)

To be quite honest, I have never been one to LOVE working out.  However, if I'm going to be "fittin' this pizza in my mouth", I better be working out to balance it out!

I workout to stay healthy and set a good example for my girls.  They are ALWAYS watching (and listening)! Way back in the day I used to think exercising was a vain thing. πŸ˜– Boy, was I wrong.  It is not that at all!  It's what everyone needs to do to stay healthy, to take care of not only our bodies but our minds too!  We all need a good sweat session and time to clear our heads.

I've always played and loved sports.  I played throughout high school and since then have just played intramural type sports.  Kickball, being my favorite to play!  Now that I am a mom, I have to fit these types of extracurricular activities around my husband's schedule or just say a few prayers and keep them on the sidelines!  I've done that more than I've wanted to and can remember having to nurse Claire in between innings when Cliff was working.  Therefore, it's not always practical for me to participate so I need a more realistic way to work out with the girls in tow.

Not angry in this pic just concentrating on not dying πŸ˜‚

I'm so incredibly grateful to be able to stay at home with them so in order to workout, they are going to be with me! Sure, I could just do an at home workout but sometimes I lack the motivation and would rather just get us all out of the house. It's not reasonable for me to pay a sitter nor is it affordable for me to have a gym membership and to pay for childcare too.  I also enjoy their company while I'm dripping with sweat! Charlotte will even cheer me on....and call me out when I am slacking!  πŸ˜‰ Claire just looks at me like this.....

While in Quantico, I started with a running club called Stroller Warriors.  I talked more about my love for this club here and how awesome it was to have found this amazing group of women!

Since we recently moved and there's no SW in Charleston, I knew immediately that I would need to find another group that was similar because I need motivation.....not that my kids aren't enough motivation.....  I just need a fun class and a group of women that are supportive to each other to get me out of the house each day.  Luckily I found Fit4Mom and they have a group here in Charleston!  They offer classes all over Charleston and since we are pretty centrally located by living downtown, I am able to attend all of the different locations!

I take the kids with me and interact with them throughout my workout and run.  Then afterwards, they're rewarded with playground time.  

Are my kids angels sitting in the stroller for an hour?  ABsolutely not!  I just reiterate the importance of "mommy's hour" to take care of her body so that she can take care of them.  I try to always have snacks and activities like these 
Melissa & Doug On The Go Water Wow! Dinosaurs Reusable Water-Reveal Activity Pad, Chunky-Size Water Pen
Water Wows or 

Crayola 75-2392  Color Wonder, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, 18 Mess Free Coloring Pages, Gift for Age 3, 4, 5, 6

or the Chick-Fil-A little board books.  Does that always work?  No!  Fortunately the whole
group are Moms and they get it.  Someone will usually offer a toy or book to 
borrow and that will work!
I also have to remember to bring this Rechargeable fan for the girls and
 myself because the heat and humidity aka devil's breath down here is brutal.
SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan, Black

Sunscreen is a must too!  This mineral based one is great and it blends in well.  
The price is great too!
Alba Botanica Tropical Fruit Kids SPF 45 Sunscreen, 4 oz.
Kids Sunscreen

And lets not forget the water!  The easiest to clean water bottles!
Nalgene Kids / Children's Grip-n-Gulp 12oz. Water Bottles, 3 Bottle Bundle Pack (Purple, Blue and Green)
Kids Nalgene

While it is a lot to get myself and both kids out the door so that I can workout, it's most definitely worth it.  My girls deserve a happy and healthy mom so I strive to do my best and to not let them down.  If you're in the Charleston area, I encourage you to come and try out a class with us!  😊


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