Scenes From our Weekend

Hope that you all had a great weekend!  Ours was pretty low key as Cliff had duty and wanted to work on our table so we stayed close to home.  He and Charlotte went to their first daddy/daughter dance and my heart almost exploded.  It was the cutest thing seeing her get so excited to get dressed up and go out with "Dahhheee"!  She hasn't seen Cliff in his dress blues since she was a baby so she was enthralled with the big shiny buttons and medals.  Cliff said when he was unbuttoning it when they got home, she ran and got her step stool and said "No, no, no Daddy", because she wanted to reach and touch them! hahaha. I'm so glad that they got to go and spend that time together!  Meanwhile Claire and I went to eat Uncle Julio's (delicious margaritas and salsa BTW) with a friend!

I cleaned house and went through the girls clothes on Saturday, a task that never ends as they're continuously growing, and managed to get them down for a nap together.  For a little while at least!  Char is on a "sleep neeeked" kick.  Now that she is in a big girl bed, she gets hot under the covers.

The girls and I were going to eat dinner that night at our neighbors so I decided to make some healthier carrot muffins to take them.  They're pretty good and a great way to sneak in a little veggie.  Char is quite picky but she will eat these and says "I wanna muffin man."

Since I was already making a mess in the kitchen, I figured I would make Claire some cooked apples or "assulsauce" as Charlotte calls it.  I bought these little ice cube trays back when Charlotte was a baby and would make her various foods in the food processor.  Claire will only eat apples, bananas, and pears thus far. So I just peeled the apples, sliced them to cook evenly, steamed them until they were easy to pierce, and then blended them up in the blender with a little water.  Then I poured the mixture into these baby food trays and put into the freezer.  Once frozen, you pop them out and put them in a large ziplock.  I date the bag so I won't forget and will pull out a cube or 2 when I need them to feed her! Pretty easy!

I don't make all of her baby food because who has time for that?  Sometimes, the pre-packaged stuff is just that much easier for on the go!  I also introduced Claire to Mum Mums this weekend and they were a hit!

We (Cliff) are almost finished with the table!  Hallelujah!  Cliff painted the base, I supervised aka chased kid, kept other from crying.  He also stained the top.

We ordered 4 metal chairs to go with it that I will share on the table post hopefully SOON!
I'm still on the hunt for two cool end chairs.  


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