Wild About it Wednesday 1-Sound Machine

hey hey!  So another thing you may not know about me is that I am a product junkie!  I love a good quality item/product/food that makes life a little better or easier.  A good warranty makes me happy and makes a product just that much better.  Then on top of that, great customer service has me sold on items!  I'm really big on reading other people's reviews too.  I read tons before I buy something online.  Therefor on Wednesdays, I am going to try to keep up a "Wild about it Wednesday" post to share with you products that we use and love.  Some of them may be silly and some of them not but I figured that I would just share with you my thoughts and reasoning behind liking certain items!  Not all of them will be kid related for all of my friends that don't have kids or are past that season in life.

First up is.........Tide Pods.  Just Kidding, those things are pricey!

Our Homedics Sound Machine

We have 3 of these and we LOVE them!  They can be used plugged in OR with batteries which is great for us as our house tends to lose power quite often and for those tent camping trips that I mentioned before. (insert eye roll emoji)
Our kids sleep so much better with the white noise and I love that it is plenty loud enough to drown out the artillery, bombing, and C17s flying overhead, again, we live on base so this is very important!
Once we turn them on, the kids are like, "Ok, it's time to go to sleep", too so it's a win-win!
There are other noises too like a thunder storm, crickets, and heartbeat however I don't know about you but the heartbeat creeps me out.  But if you're into that sort of thing, you do you!
So most importantly, they're 20$ if you order on amazon and if you have Prime or use your sister's prime (Thanks Martha), you can get it in 2 days!  Whoop whoop!  Some people swear by the Dohm sound machines but I didn't want Cliff killing me for spending 60$ on each one.  All of this to say I'm happy to be alive and using our 3 Homedics sound machines!
Here's to happy sleeping my friends!


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