Our "Eggstra" Special Easter

Woooo Hooo!  What an "eggciting" weekend we had!  I think it might take me all week to recuperate! Yea, right!  Who has time for that?
Charlotte has an obsession with the Easter bunny so I wanted her to get to see him one more time!  She wanted to sit in "bunny's waap" so I took her back around to see him a second time since he held Claire the first.  It was quite comical!
We moseyed on into the city on Saturday to visit with Cliff's brother and wife.  They put on an egg hunt and Char had an awesome time finding the eggs in the bushes.  She has gotten pretty good at it this year.  Claire just watched from the sidelines with Daddy.  
The Easter bunny came to visit our house and the biggest hit were the yogurt raisins that he left.....go figure.  I'll have to tell the bunny to take it down a notch for next year!

Somebunny was happy about her applesauce!

Church on Sunday and a typical family photo, kids won't cooperate!

Post church egg hunt

Look how full her basket is?!?  Our neighbors are the best and planned a huge hunt for them!

As if all of the weekend "eggcitement" (ok, I'll stop) wasn't enough, we were fortunate to have received Egg Roll tickets to the White House.  I was so pumped as it is really hard to get tickets and thought that it would be such a fun experience for the girls.  Charlotte didn't want to roll her egg and insisted on eating it instead.  She also got to give Elmo the quickest hug ever, I couldn't even get a picture because she was a little intimidated by him.

The future first female president!  She is already bossy enough to do the job!

I ended up with a pocket of grass from the lawn and the girls got 2 wooden commemorative eggs!

It was a jam packed weekend full of memories that I will never forget!
A few tips if you do get the opportunity to go to the Egg Roll....
1. Dress for the weather!  I was a little chilly but glad that I changed out of a dress last minute.
2. A light weight stroller (see WAIW post) if you have little ones.  We had to walk a good bit to just get to the White House grounds even after we were dropped off at the entrance.
3. Since you do have to walk so much, comfortable shoes.  I could not get over all of the women in heels.  I am sure that their feet were killing them.
4.  A good camera or cell phone camera for all of the photo opportunities.
5. Some sort of purse or diaper bag with just the necessities.  The security is amped up but fortunately they do allow a bag.  The kids get a good bit of free things so if you don't have a stroller to carry it all, you'll definitely want a bag to stow all your stuff!
I hope that you all had a great weekend and Easter too!


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