Wild About It Wednesday 10- Outdoor Blanket

Now that Claire is pretty mobile and we play outside....A LOT, I needed a good blanket to keep her on and off of the concrete or in the dirt.  I had been using a large heavy quilt but it was hard to fold, easily got dirty, would track in leaves and dirt with it, and was super bulky.  I was constantly washing it and did not have anywhere to keep it.  The other day we were at Walmart and I saw these outdoor blankets!  Our Walmart had the cute Pineapple one so I bought it! Guess what?!?  They are only 9.97! That is a steal because this blanket is awesome and we have already gotten our monies worth!

This morning was chilly outside, so the girls and I used the blanket for an indoor picnic!

I take it outside almost everyday!  It repels water and is easy to shake the sand and dirt off!  

The best part about it to me (besides the awesome price) is that it folds up into itself to form a bag with a handle!  This is so nice for me because it is one less thing that I have to keep up with!

This one is pretty patriotic and would be a hit here on base! 😉 

I would love to get the cute watermelon one too!  Each Walmart store carries different ones so ours did not have the Watermelon one in stock.  I am going to check both of our Walmarts for the watermelon one the next time we go because it would be nice to have another one to keep in my car.  It would also make for a great work out mat!

So thats what we're wild about this Wednesday!  We are headed outside to use it now!


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