Wild About It Wednesday-9 Maclaren Stroller

Again, this is kind of a no brainer but I didn't realize how much that I would use an umbrella stroller!  Especially since we live close to a big city where we have to use public transportation.  I have a single Bob and a double one that I use for outdoors and running mainly.  I love them both for many reasons however they are super heavy and bulky.  Therefore, I recently purchased a Maclaren Quest and I am so glad that I did.

Maclaren Quest

It is super light weight, easy to fold, stays folded, has a handle to carry it while folded, has a weather/rain shield, has a storage basket underneath, is easy to push, and it reclines.
I know there are other umbrella strollers out there that are lightweight and easy to fold but the fact that this one can recline and has storage is a game changer.  
I used it with the weather shield in the city when we went to the White House over the weekend because it was cold and I knew we couldn't hold Claire the whole time.  I received more comments on the stroller than I did on my baby.  The weather shield keeps her warm, dry, and from creeps.  Jk!  It does keep other children from bothering her though.  I love the way it fits the stroller perfect and easily just hooks on.
We ended up getting a ride to and from the White House so it was easy to quickly fold it up and throw it in the back of the car without holding up traffic. 

Here are the girls standing with the South Carolina egg.
We also use the Quest while traveling and was a GOD send in the airport.  Cliff had to drop me off recently so I was wearing Claire, pushing Charlotte in the stroller, and basically dragging their car seats to get checked.  When we reached the plane, it was super easy to fold and give to the airline to check.  This was a super smart purchase for us and I am sure we will use it for many more years.  Do any of you have a light weight stroller that you recommend? 


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