Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I love shopping for others and wish I could buy people gifts all of the time!  It's actually one of my love languages and Cliff has yet to figure this out unfortunately!  It doesn't have to be some lavish gift or anything, just the fact that I actually crossed your mind and bought me anything makes me happy!  For instance, a bag a skittles, because they're my favorite and I never buy them for myself.  Anyways all of that to say while I love to shop for others, I love getting gifts too!  Here are a few things that as a new mom I would love to receive from the kids (hubby).
1. A dust buster
My kids are messy!  I guess all kids are.  Between them and the dog, there are crumbs, dog hair, and sand/dirt in every nook and cranny of my house and car.  Having a small easy to grab portable vacuum would be ideal!  This is legit at the top of my list.  Diamonds are forever until they get sucked up by a vacuum or eaten by the dog.  I'll stick to practical ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. Candle
I'm sure my house smells of dog, stinky diapers, and vomit.  I am almost positive that I am immune to it now.  These Nest candles smell amazing and would be sure to mask any bad smells.....temporarily anyways!

3. Photo Mug
I first got Cliff one of these for Father's Day last year.  I love it and love looking at the sweet pictures of them together while drinking coffee.

4. Photo Book
If you haven't discovered these Photo books, you're missing out!  They have sales all the time so I make one every few months with pictures of the girls.  If Cliff took the time to put one together for me of pictures of the girls and I, it would truly be a gift that I would always cherish! (hint hint Cliff)

5. Lemon or Lime tree
I mean I know I'm not alone here....who wouldn't want a tree of limes for fresh Margaritas?!?  I feel like I am constantly buying lemons and limes so it would be awesome to have my very own tree!

6. Mom journal-I bought this for myself and have been trying to write in it anytime either of the girls does or says something funny, cute, or a milestone met!  Key word being TRYING*.  I just realized that I haven't written anything in over 2 weeks...whoops. I think it will be neat to flip through over the years.

7. Oil Diffuser- I do not have one of these but know of people that rave over them.  My days of good sleep are over so I think having one in our bedroom with lavender might help transform our room into a sleep haven!

8. Beauty Mask -Self explanatory!  Moms need all the help they can get, well at least this one does!

9. Nice Sheets- Again, sleep?!?  What is that?  I love cozy nice sheets so maybe having a nice pair for our bed might help me sleep better.  Maybe!

10. Pretty Robe-As a mom, I tend to not dress right away in the mornings but need to be halfway presentable so a cute robe is always nice to have.  I'm usually wearing my grandma robe that comes down to my ankles so I'm sure Cliff would appreciate something a little less matronly.

10. Bath Salts- Again, anything to help a lady relax!  Having kids is no easy feat.....Gimme all the bath salts!

11. Favorite Coffee- Mom = Tired! Favorite coffee or tea or even a gift card to Starbucks!  Caffeine is life!

12. Nice hair dryer-As a new mom, I rarely have the time to dry my hair.  My old Revlon hair dryer takes forever and a day to get my whole head dry so I would love a nicer hair dryer to cut down on drying time.

13. Soaps-Charlotte thought it would be a good idea to pull off every single one of my perfume caps.  I can't seem to fix them without squirting myself in the eye.  So since I have no perfume to spray, I need some good smelling soap!

14. Comfy shoes-I'm having the hardest time finding cute slip on "mom shoes" that fit!  I need something to throw on on the way out the door since ya know, I am always running late. These are cute and pretty neutral so they would go with a lot of stuff.

15. Hand mold- I saw this somewhere but can't remember where.  It was a mold of your child's hand cupped to hold jewelry.  I thought it was super sweet and sentimental!  Dads take note :-)

16. Necklace-For my birthday, Cliff got me this beautiful gold necklace with both girl's names on it.  I adore it and wear it almost every day.  I love that it is dainty and simple.

17. Photos-Lastly, my FAVORITE! A mommy and me photo session!  I have tons of cute pics of the girls with their daddy and hardly any of myself with them, besides God awful selfies.  I adore candid shots but Cliff never EVER pulls out his phone to take pics and it drives me nuts!  I recently had these taken and love how well they turned out with this beautiful tree in our neighborhood.  I will forever cherish these moments with my little girls and love that I have these pictures as a fond memory.

With all of that being what to get my Mom and Mother in law?!?! ๐Ÿ˜œ


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