Wild About it Wednesday 12- Jelly Cat Lovey's

Today's WAIW is one of our most loved, most used, and must have baby items!  We can't do bedtime without them.  I always thought it was so sweet when the kids that I used to babysit had a favorite blankie to sleep with.  Fast forward to me as a Mom and I am now terrified to put anything in the crib with my babies.  That's where this Jelly Cat Lovey comes in! Or "Wuvvy" as Char calls it!  It is small enough that they shouldn't be able to get trapped with it around their heads and the attached stuffed animal is something they can cuddle!  Charlotte got this sweet pink bunny one from our brother in law Tyler and so I embroidered her name on it.  She's loved it ever since!

I started letting her sleep with it around 6 months of age and she immediately clung to it.  I figured I better get a duplicate in case something ever happened to this one so I randomly found the lamb one at TJ Maxx one day but haven't seen them there since. 😞 She now favors the lamb one, not sure why, but when she's at home, I let her sleep with both.  When traveling, only one because A. I'm not trying to pack more necessities and B. That is just one more thing to have to keep up with!

We also have this rule that lovey can't leave the crib or bed.  We made this rule very clear from the start.  I do not want the girls dragging them around on the floor, much less outside of the house to pick up even more germs.  That would require me to keep up with something else and require more washing of the lovey.  So a big fat NOPE!
Claire received her puppy lovey as a gift from her Aunt Kitty Kat and Uncle Ty Ty too!  I put her name on it and again let her have in in the crib around 6 months.  Same thing happened!  She immediately loved it and would soothe herself with her lovey.  Neither girl would take a paci so I am all about the self-soothing!  Charlotte now request her lovey when it is bedtime and I hand Claire hers and she will reach out and grab it.  Her eyes immediately close and I rock her for a bit and then lay her down with no problems! 👍 Hallelujah!

These make great gifts and wash well!  We now have 4 of them and are so grateful for such a sweet gift! The price point is a little high for what it is (20$) but I would pay that times 10 for the comfort they've provided the girls!  They are also great quality so 20$ really isn't that much in the grand scheme of things.  This is how they come packaged and there are over 25 different ones to choose from!
How cute is this little dinosaur one?

Here are more photos of my kids sleeping because yes, I have a sleep stalking problem!


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