Wild About it Wednesday 11- Ektorp Sofa

I am realizing more and more that kids and nice furniture don't mix.  Shoot, kids and any furniture really!  My little ones are constantly jumping on it, falling off of it, eating on it, puking on it, spilling food, milk, dirt, sand, you name it, all over it.  Here's where our God send of a sofa comes in!  The entire cover comes of and each individual pillow cover so that it can easily be washed!  BINGO!

And heaven forbid if they spill bright red Koolaid all over it and it won't come out, it's only 29$ to buy a replacement cover in Lofallet beige!  We just replaced ours and I'm tempted to go ahead and get another cover to have on standby because......KIDS!  Actually, I'd like to get another Ektorp, more space for lounging.  
It is also relatively small.  While I would love to have a large deep oversized couch to snuggle with Cliff on, our current space will not allow for it.  It is already pretty cramped in here.  So the Ektorp is the perfect size for us.
It does not come with any decorative pillow which I like.  That way you can switch them up as your taste changes or your kids pick all of the feathers out.  
 I recently moved the sofa under the window sill because both girls love to sit in the window and watch the kids run to get on the school bus.
The best part about this sofa to me, is the price.  The Lofallet beige sofa is $379.00.  There is a new larger version for 599.00.  They both come with a 10 year limited warranty.  There's also the option of having a chaise or getting the large sectional.  Once again, we don't have the space but maybe one day.  Until the girls are old enough to not wipe their hands on the furniture (never), Cliff stops dropping his chocolate chips, and I quit spilling my wine, we will stick with a washable sofa like this!


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