My running journey

I NEVER was a runner and still don’t consider myself one.  The only running that I ever did was around bases, from trouble, and “beer runs” in college! Oh I left out chasing boys... 😏

But for fun? NOPE! Not my thing!  However, after Charlotte was born, I felt really lonely. I didn’t have many friends with kids and none that lived close. We were trying to buy a different house but kept getting in bidding wars and it never worked out. The Marine Corps job opportunity came up on the same day that we sold our house so we took that as a sign from the good Lord and moved 3 weeks later. 

As soon as we moved, I knew that in order to get out of my lonely depressed state, I needed to meet some friends.  I found this running group on Facebook called Stroller Warriors and bought a jogging stroller that night.  Believe it or not, I can sometimes be a little shy and since I wasn’t a runner, I was super intimidated and really didn't know what I was getting myself into.

I bought this stroller, used of course, and it's awesome!  I still use it all the time and if Charlotte gets tired while we are out and about (just walking...NOT RUNNING), she will sit on the front end.  I'm sure it is frowned upon but you do what ya gotta do.
BOB Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller, Black

However, I got up the next morning and took Charlotte.  The group did morning announcements and we all went around introducing ourselves. As an icebreaker, they wanted you to run with someone that you had never talked to be before. I ended up chatting with two super sweet girls and it really calmed my nerves.

I mostly would run a few minutes and then walk some.  Pushing a stroller is definitely harder than it looks so give yourself some grace.  To me, it's not about being the fastest, it's just about getting it done.  I want my girls to be proud of me and follow in my footsteps of living an active and healthy lifestyle.  They're always watching!

Soon after I started with Stroller Warriors, I became pregnant with my second baby, Claire.  I ran/walked until about 18 weeks pregnant and then walked or speed walked the remainder of my pregnancy with the group.  I was fortunate that another girl was due about the same time as me so we became walking buddies and are now very close friends!

Since then, this group has become such a big part of my life!  These women are the kindest, most supportive, encouraging, and sincere people that you’ll ever meet.  The only competition is with ourselves!  We all build each other up and help each other become not only better runners but better people.   We all strive to be better than we were yesterday.
It is hard not having any family around so after the birth of Claire, 7! Yes SEVEN women brought me dinner. Some that I didn’t even really know!

So my advice to those who want to start running would be to first try to find an accountability group!  Or even use an app to track your friends or spouses running!  It makes it much more fun and when I know someone else has already ran that day, it encourages me to do the same!

Fortunately, I didn’t have any complications after Claire was born so I started the Couch to 5K program at 4 weeks postpartum. I was terrified at first!  The app makes it so easy and you’re only running 3 days a week. I would run on Monday’s and Thursday’s with my group and then a solo run on Saturday or Sunday. The program really eases you into running and I highly recommend it!  It’s 9 weeks long and you will be able to tell that you’re getting better within the first 3 weeks. 

I was able to run The Marine Corps 10k 8 weeks after Claire was born which is baffling to even me.  I would have never in a million years thought that I could ever do that or would ever even try.  I did not run the whole thing and would take 20 second walking breaks every so often.  I was fortunate that Cliff ran it with me, at MY PACE too so I was determined to keep going!

The medals were pretty sweet too! 

After that race, my goal was to run a 10k without stopping.  I competed the C25k program and then was asked to volunteer to help lead our next C25k group!  I was honored and completed the 9 week program again.  Shockingly, once you do a 5k with a double stroller, a 10k stroller less is not that bad!  HOWEVER, I avoid hills at all cost and will ONLY do races that are relatively flat.

Pick pretty places to run too!  This area is HILLY but so beautiful!

I have now completed 2 more 10k races running the entire time!  I've kept up my running and have been running a mile more each week so I am now up to 9 miles.  I was supposed to run 10 miles last weekend but due to some serious pelvis pain, I wasn't able to finish that last mile.  I rested all week and saw a doctor this past week.  For right now my injury is called Osteitis Pubis which is an inflammation of the pubic symphysis and surrounding muscle insertions.  It is caused by increased intensity from workout, running on concrete, childbirth, and pronation while running.  My doctor has referred me to physical therapy and I will have an ultrasound done in a few weeks to make sure it isn't anything more serious. 
I had been upping my mileage because I am running my FIRST half marathon this weekend!

National Women's 8k in DC

I'm praying that it will go smoothly and won't hurt as bad since I have been resting.  However, I am also scared because I have been resting! AHHHHH 
It is in Virginia Beach so I know that it's going to be super hot!  I'm determined to finish it though and can't believe that I would ever even attempt something like this.  But you know what?  Running doesn't scare me anymore.  The distance doesn't scare me anymore.  It is a mental sport.....ok well some of it is physical (insert pelvis injury here) but if you put your mind to it, you CAN DO IT!  

Motivational Podcast are my new thing too and help the time go by much faster.  I know a lot of people, myself included, get so bored when running.  I like to listen to Podcast that either teach me something or inspire and encourage me.  I just downloaded a bunch of Rachel Hollis' podcast.

I do advise you to get some "real" running shoes if you're going to really commit to it.  I went to a legit running shoe store, ran for a few seconds on a treadmill, and had the experts show me what kind of shoe that I needed.  Now, I chose the cheapest ones because I'm frugal like that so I think these are ugly.  They were last years edition so they were half off!

Saucony Women's Hurricane Iso 4 Running Shoe, Grey/Purple, 10.5 Medium US

Also, Dry fit or wicking shirts/tank tops!  Never again will I wear a t-shirt to run in!  Talk about a heat trap!

NIKE New Women 's Victory Compression Bra Binary, Black /Black, Medium
A good supportive sports bra is a must!

Now that I am running longer distances and it's hot a blue blazes out......Cliff bought me a Camelback HydroPak Hydration.

CamelBak HydroBak Crux Reservoir Hydration Pack, Black/Graphite, 1.5 L/50 oz

And this is somewhat silly but I treated myself to some good "running socks".  I mean surely they're going to help my performance right?!?! 😏

Balega Ultralight No Show Athletic Running Socks for Men and Women (1 Pair), Grey/White, Medium

So friends, there ya have it.  My running journey thus far.  If you have been considering running or have been too scared to try, just do it!  You won't regret trying new'll regret not!  You may surprise yourself!  I know that I sure did.


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