What not to say to a new Mom of an unhappy baby

I feel like I should not even have to type this but I am at my wits end with rude people.  However, when it comes to my children just consider me a Mamasaurus Rex. 😏  I have voiced this before that our sweet Claire has not been the easiest baby.  Like...."it ain't been no walk in the park."  She has never taken a paci, flat out refused it and we offered her every different one under the sun.  It took her almost 8 months to finally take a bottle and we had offered it to her in every different kind under the sun too. Hot, Cold, Warm....you name it, we tried it.  See, here's the thing....Charlotte didn't have any trouble taking to a paci for a while or drinking a bottle so this was all relatively new to us.  She was an extremely happy baby, always giggling and smiling.  Claire, not so much!  I know, I know, you're not supposed to compare your children because believe me, EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT!  This unhappy baby thing was very new to us and quite upsetting.  I've cried right along with her more nights than not.

Newborn pictures went smashingly well

Claire has been quite attached to me as well.  Since we don't have family close, I have not been able to leave her with anyone either (until JUST recently) . I wouldn't even leave her with Cliff because he couldn't handle her loud screams.  Like, her crying unnerves him.

Therefore everywhere I go, Claire goes. Including Mountain Weekend with 13 couples.  😐 Workouts, doctor appointments, parties, races, the grocery store, to the bathroom, while I bathe, bowling at the white house.....she's right there with me! 

My life for the past year has been quite difficult and I have often found myself beat down, exhausted, stressed, unhappy, and more times than others, embarrassed.  I love her to death and am extremely grateful for our healthy baby so please don't think that I take that for granted!  I'm just being real and want others to know that social media is a lie and everything isn't always cupcakes and rainbows as it appears.

Claire likes to squeal and it's not your typical happy baby squeal.....It's LOUD!
Claire's actually quite talented and can hit octaves that I have never even heard before.  Maybe she'll be famous for it one day.  Since she is so loud, I get a TON of comments, looks, glares, and stares.  Do these people think that I am trying to draw all this attention to myself?  Do they think that I like having my precious baby nearly burst my eardrums daily?  I don't know what else that I am supposed to do but I do know that comments like these don't help my situation.   We are hoping and praying that she will outgrow it soon.  She is very independent and once she's able to walk, that might help too.

So if you find yourself around a loud baby and an upset/stressed/tired/defeated mother, please, please, please do her a favor, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." Those are famous words from my grandmother.

1. "JESUS"- yes you read that right!  I walked into the drug store the other day and sat Claire in the buggy.  She let out a little loud "I am happy to be here" squeal and a lady checking out yelled "JESUS" even louder.  Thanks a lot lady for taking the Lord's name in vain in front of my children just because of a little squeal.

2. "It sounds like someone is ripping her limbs off"- Really?!? Because you know what that sounds like?  It's not exactly music to my ears either but believe me, I try everything I can to keep her happy and quiet but sometimes it just doesn't work.  Comments like that don't help the situation either, they just make me sad.

3. "I couldn't live with her"- Really?!?  Well I wouldn't want my baby to live with such a heartless person anyways!  Again, what would your solution be?  Me to tape my baby's mouth shut or tell her to "SHUT UP BABY?" Or what were we supposed to do...Nope God, can you take this one back and give us a quiet one! UGH Eyeroll emoji to the max!

4. "You think she's possessed by the Devil?"- 😡 No, are you?  I don't care if you think that is some kind of joke but it is not something a defeated young mom wants to hear.  In my eyes, she's an angel.....a loud heavenly angel!

5. "She must be hungry/tired/wet/dirty" -Nope, but thanks for questioning my parenting skills.  I wouldn't bring my hungry/tired/wet/dirty baby to the grocery store.  I've often found myself even nursing Claire in the car to try to help keep her quiet in the store.  Or taking her while she was asleep in her car seat in hopes that she would stay asleep.....not so much.

6. "Somebody's not happy"- Again, thank you Captain Obvious!  You know who else isn't happy? ME?!?  Because of people's rude comments about my baby!

7. "I don't remember our kids EVER acting like that"- That's nice, Lucky you!  Again, all children are different so if you wouldn't mind not comparing mine to yours that would be LOVELY!

I can't believe that I am being this blunt on my blog but enough is enough.  I am so fed up and I am trying....hard!  What I could use would be encouraging words, support, help or another box of wine!  So to all you mother's of difficult babies......CHEERS! 😘


  1. Yessss Pey has just started the screeching, and headphones are the only thing that takes the shrill out of it. Kane's the same way.. can't handle it like I can. I love her to death but GOODNESS. Mama's ears need a break.


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