Meet Me....Welllll Us!

After spending the past hour of nap time cleaning our bathroom (why are guys so gross) and laundry (babies and blow outs), I finally decided to sit down and work on a blog post!  I've been talking about it for awhile now but haven't found the time....or well "made" the time!  So why not today?

Hey y'all!  I am Sarah!  I am married to an active duty Marine, Cliff, and we have two sweet little girls, Charlotte who just turned 2 and Claire 5 months.  I know, I know, you're probably thinking "Dang, they are close in age." Yes, yes they are!   So far it has gone surprisingly well as opposed to the lack of sleep for me, mounds of laundry, eye poking, and millions of diapers, we are truly blessed!

McLeod Crew Christmas card 2017

We both call South Carolina home but are currently living on a base in Virgina.  It was a little scary moving to a new place without knowing a soul and not having any family within an 8 hour drive of us but again it has luckily gone surprisingly well!  We have amazing neighbors and friends here that would literally give you the shirt off of their backs and it has really been an eye opening experience.  Having met such kind and giving people has made me want to be a better person and I am forever grateful for these people who now feel like family!

More about me....Ahhh Where to start?  I am a little ADD and was actually diagnosed with it and ADHD in college (yes, I took some crazy test given by a psychiatrist so I have proof) as my grades weren't what they should be and I could not stay focused. Granted, I went to the College of Charleston right smack in the middle of a beautiful city and right at the beach so it was a real struggle for anyone to stay on task there. Anyways, I use my diagnoses as an excuse for my rambling and constant jumping from topic to topic and not staying on track.

Claire and I celebrating my birthday in January...She goes everywhere!

I love being outside, playing and watching sports of all kinds, crafts (I'm really good at staying in the lines while coloring), dad jokes, embroidering/sewing, occasionally reading, bargain shopping, saving and spending money, eating Chick-fil-A, and most importantly, enjoying a nice adult beverage!  Ok, ok, ok, I love spending time with my family the most but I figured that was a given! I have recently taken up running and am helping lead a couch to 5k program too!

 baby Charlotte and Cliff 

More about the hubby.  I'm sure he is going to love reading what I write about him on here (That's totally sarcastic btw).  Cliff is not a big social media person and actually would prefer it have never been invented.  In his next life, he plans on living off the land, in a tent, with maybe a dog.  He loves the outdoors and tries to convince me to go camping every chance he can.  Even in the dead of summer, 9 months pregnant, with a one year old.  Needless to say, it didn't happen.  He does like to use the internet to teach himself things and continuously amazes me with his talents.  He's currently building us a dining room table as I sold ours and we are having "picnics" everyday in the meantime! haha Charlotte loves it!  He also has an abundance of random knowledge and continues to beat me at're shocked, I know. 


Charlotte!  Our sweet Char Char.  This child is a trip!  She keeps us on our toes and laughing constantly.  It is so hard to even remember life without her and I really don't even want to!  She is very independent, can be sassy to other children, wise beyond her years, the sweetest big sister, has the most tender heart, and is clumsy as all get out!  Basically, a mini version of her Mom!  However, she looks just like her Daddy.


Claire!  Oh Claire Bear!  This little one is a sweetie too!  She lovesssss her Mama.  Like really loves me.  Like to the point where I can't leave for a minute without her screaming.  When I say scream, I mean the highest pitched squeal you've ever heard in your life!   She really is a sweetheart though and now that we are over the colic stage, she's really happy and fun to be around.  She is also obsessed with her big sister and will watch her play and just laugh hysterically.  It's adorable!  And somehow she managed to get some killer lashes!  Im paying money for mine to look like that, it ain't working either! I wish you could use emojis in blogs because I talk in them and would have inserted the eye roll one there.

Bronco and baby Charlotte

Oh yea, not to be left out Bronco, our 115 pound chocolate lab.  He is a sweet boy, very protective over the girls just lacks the ability to understand that he is huge.  He knocks Charlotte down a lot and I get very mad.  Don't mess with my babies!

Anyways, that was a lot!  So if you already know us, I'm sorry!  If you don't, well now you do!
I'm hoping to blog a couple of times a week during nap time and would love to hear what you would like to hear about!
A few things on my list are baby registry items, products we love, somewhat healthy recipes, mom hacks and fails, military living, quick workouts, crafts and diy projects (our new table might be one of them).  Thanks for reading....nap time is over!  However, I'll leave you with this laugh of the day :)


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