Weekend Recap and Anywhere Chair Score

Our weekend was quite eventful and began with Char going potty!!!! It was her first time pooing (sorry totally TMI) but these things must be celebrated so she will hopefully do it again.  It's now Monday and no such luck.

I ran a 5k Saturday morning pushing Claire..... in the pouring rain.  That part was awful but it was for breast cancer and I ran it with some friends from Stroller Warriors so that absolutely made up for the rain!  Afterwards Cliff and I grabbed a cup of coffee in the neat little downtown area of Fredericksburg!  If you're ever down that way and want a delicious piece of pizza, we are crazy about BENNY'S!   It's amazing!  We then had a wild Saturday night consisting of hot wings eaten on our neighbors fold out table that they are graciously letting us borrow for the time being!  I was enjoying seeing Cliff sit at Charlotte's kid table but it's nice to have one for us big people.  haha

We skipped church....as Claire has not been giving us any silent nights.  Hopefully next week!  However Cliff was able to find some wood for our Farmhouse table.  We drove to Springfield, VA Sunday afternoon to pick it up.  It's from a house in Maryland that was built in 1827 so we are both super excited about it.  We were fortunate to find it at a resale store for a fraction of the cost that reclaimed wood goes for.  Stay tuned for post on our DIY farmhouse table.  Maybe Cliff will be a gem and type it up since I half know what he's doing.

Sunday night I left the kids with Cliff for a brief.....very brief girls night with our running group.  A PJ party of course!  It was nice to get some time away but I hate that I have to worry about Claire screaming the whole time while I'm gone!  Any suggestions?  I mean the girl flat out refuses a bottle , won't take a paci, and does not want me out of sight!  And why is it that you leave the house for approximately 2 hours and when you return it looks like a bomb went off?!?

Oh yes, for my score of the weekend!  I bought a used pink Pottery Barn Anywhere chair from a mom for 25$ (I hope Cliff doesn't read this).  It was blank so I washed it and slapped Claire's name on it!  She'll never know it wasn't new. We bought Charlotte the oversized anywhere chair a long time ago that had the name Wyatt on it.  For the longest time it just said Wyatt on it as I wanted to buy a new cover for it.  They are still a little pricey so I ended up just taking the name off and decided to get it embroidered as I couldn't do her name that big on my machine.  Plus, I don't trust my skills.  Claire's chair is slightly smaller and her name is only 6 letters so I managed ok!  Taadaaaaa

Hope that you all had a wonderful weekend too!


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