Wild About it Wednesday-3 Mealime

This week's WAIW isn't necessarily a product but an app...a FREE app at that!  It is called Mealime and it is AWESOME!  Sorry to all my friends who I've already told about it but it is that good!  This past summer when I was super pregnant with Claire and chasing 18 month old Char around, I got really lazy about cooking dinner.  I mean it got to the point where I would even forget that we were supposed to eat dinner as we would be too busy playing outside.  I am a terrible planner so I would never have all the ingredients to make certain dishes or I would forget to put items on my list that the recipes would call for.  I'd also always forget to thaw meat. Whoops.  I can remember one night Cliff asked what's for dinner and I was like, uhhhh we will just have spaghetti as it is easy (he doesn't eat noodles so he was less than thrilled).  Turns out, we didn't have any noodles.........or ground beef.  So we ate spaghetti sauce and rice. haha.  After that, I knew that I needed to step up my game once the baby arrived.

I found this free app and absolutely love it!  Like, it changed my life!  I used to stress out about dinner if I even remembered it and now,  I never do.  That could be related to having 2 little ones but you get my point.   On Sunday or Monday, I will pick at least 4 meals for the week.  It then generates my grocery list for me!  Like that alone is AMAZING.  I go through and check off the items that we already have at home like olive oil, seasonings, and garlic (I just buy the big thing of minced garlic bc it's way easier).  I'll then head to the store usually Monday morning after our running group meets and gather all the items on my app list.  You just tap it to check it off as you get the item. Then I will have everything I need to cook dinner for the week!  I will sometimes start prepping for dinner during nap time but not always.  All meals take between 25-40 minutes to cook/prepare start to finish.
Cliff and I eat pretty paleo at home, him more so than me.  The app allows you to chose Paleo as an option so it will only show you paleo meals!  These are a few of our paleo favorites.

If you're short on time to grocery shop or don't want to take your wild banshees into the store, I highly recommend ordering groceries online through Walmart.  It is FREE too.  It makes it way easier and quicker rather than wandering aimlessly through the store while shoving grapes in your kid's mouth to keep them from screaming.  It also prevents me from grabbing cookies and other unnecessary items.  Therefor, it saves us money!

I just discovered Instacart is available in our area so this makes grocery shopping even EASIER!  I ordered a few groceries to last us through the week and they were delivered within an hour!  I could not believe it.  I got all the groceries above for less than 30$ as I used a 10$ off coupon.  Use this coupon code for 10$ your first order SMCLEOD1AA11E

Hope this saves someone else's life too! NOM NOM


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