Wild about it Wednesday 4-Eyelash Enhancer

The latest hype in beauty (I think) is now bigger eyebrows and long lashes!  I guess long lashes have always been a thing. I honestly don't know much about beauty but I just want to share what has worked for me!  It's called FEG Eyelash Enhancer and I got it off of Amazon of course!

I bought it a month ago and I can truly tell a difference.  My lashes are longer and thicker.  I now feel like I don't have to even wear mascara which is what I was going for as I don't have as much time to "primp" anymore.  If I do wear mascara, I almost always put it on in the car at stoplights or once I have reached my destination. I can't believe I'm posting these pictures without makeup but the left side picture is before and the right is after.

So here's the best part, it's under 10$!  I know right?!?  Sorry to my friends that sell Rodan and Fields, I know their lash boost works for many but I used it for a month and a half and could not really tell a difference.  That stuff is super pricey (150.00$) so I was expecting fairly dramatic results as I have seen many people with longer lashes that use it.  After returning it, I decided to find something else to try that would be more budget friendly.  I'm pretty sure this popped up in a Facebook ad so I was skeptical to try it but am very glad that I did.  I hope it works for you guys too!  Let me know what you think.

With mascara!  Ignore the bags, under eye circles, and wrinkles!  My kids have taken a toll on me Bahahhaha


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