Wild about it Wednesday-2 Sippy Cups

Happy Valentine's Day friends and family!  Nothing says I love you quite like cleaning up puke 😒
Charlotte is currently drinking ginger ale out of one of these! 👇
Germs and Jesus, they're everywhere I tell ya.  I feel like it's every other day she's either vomiting or running a fever.  We've officially become prisoners in our own home.  I guess we better buy some stock in Lysol too!

So today for one of our most loved products....... The Take and Toss sippy cups with a straw!   I asked for some sippy cup recommendations on FB a few months ago and this was one a few friends had suggested.  I had already wasted way too much money on Zoli BOT cups and they leak and squirt milk ERRRRRYYYYWHERE!  Those cups are now the bane of my existence and this reminds me that I need to get rid of them!  We still sometimes use Nalgene bottles for water on the go partly because I will unscrew the top and share (germs) it with Charlotte.  The Nalgene holds more water than the take and toss and my Nalgene bottle is too big for the stroller cup holders hence why I use hers.

The best part about these cups..... THEY ARE SUPER CHEAP!  You can also get them pretty much anywhere!  Grocery stores, Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc.  Cliff likes that they don’t have a million plastic parts to take apart to clean.  I mean I do too but he made a point to say that.  He also likes the way they stack nicely to allow more room for his beer mugs, you know, priorities people!!!  Truth is, our kitchen on base is soooo incredibly small so our cabinet space is extremely limited!
They don’t leak however you must put the top on and then insert the straw.  If you have the straw already in then put the top on you’ll..... I’ll just let you see for yourself!  JK, don’t do it!  Milk, juice, water will cover your face, your somewhat clean blouse, and your floor.  Don’t do it!
The straws are a harder plastic and are reusable.  Santa fortunately brought us another set of cups for Christmas so I think we have around 8 now?!?
Well there ya go, here’s to clean floors and happy hydrated tots!

And yes, they’re BPA free!


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