Claire's Nursery....where she does not sleep

I had a few request for a nursery post so I will show Claire's nursery first!  When I found out we were expecting baby number 2, I knew that I couldn't make the two kids share everything.  Then when we found out that it was another girl, I was like yes I can.  JK!  I wanted to give Claire her own space but did not want to do a full blown nursery because at first we were supposed to move right after she was born.  Then Cliff's orders were extended.....again....and once again!  I'm not complaining as I really enjoy Quantico, it's just hard making future plans as we live 6 months at a time and don't know what is next.  Basically, when I pack up clothes and decorations, I don't know if I should pack them up for good or if I will still need access to them.

Anyways, at the time Charlotte was still sleeping in her crib and I did not want to kick her out of her crib prematurely because she is a great sleeper.  Fast forward to 6 months later, she now sleeps in our guest bed and I had nothing to do with transitioning her.  She would nap sometimes in our guest room while I was pregnant because I would lay down with her and it just stuck!  However, by that time, I had already bought Claire a crib and set up her nursery beside our room.

So we basically just played musical rooms.  Charlotte now sleeps in the guest room and Claire sleeps in Charlotte's old crib in Charlotte's room.  I just spent almost an entire afternoon moving their clothes around because I could not get Charlotte dressed if Claire was napping in Charlotte's room where Char's clothes were.  Are you confused yet?  I am!

Anyways, this is Claire's nursery that does not get used and the other side is my sewing area.  It's currently a mess as I've been working on Summer clothes and gifts.  When we do have guest however, Charlotte will sleep up here in the twin bed so the guest can have the queen.  When Claire is a little older my plan is to get matching twin beds and put the girls in a room together.  I had so much fun sharing a room with my younger sister growing up! (Totally sarcastic) Nah jk Anna, it wasn't too bad!

This rocker was from my Mama Clark's house.  She made the pillow and used to be an excellent seamstress.  I wish I had inherited her sewing talent!  The dresser was in Cliff's childhood room growing up, I just chalk painted it and switched out the knobs.  The distressed look was curtesy of moving it twice and up 3 flights of stairs!  The mirror is from Hobby Lobby and Flamingo is from Target.


This vintage bow lamp was a baby gift from my parents! The silver frame is Pottery Barn, a gift from Cliff's sister Katherine.  There, in the glass jar, is all the paci's that Claire refuses.

I got this sleigh twin bed at an antique auction in Kingstree, SC while Cliff was deployed and it's one of my favorite pieces.  The lamp to the right was from my dad's old bank and I just painted it white and put a pink and white gingham shade on it.  The buffalo check Duvet is from Ikea and I love it and am so happy that Ikea is 15 minutes from our house!  Linked here.

This beautiful picture was painted by my talented friend Fallon Peper!  Yes, I need a better frame for it but haven't found one yet!  Maybe before our next move!  Check out her beautiful pieces here.

Claire and Cliff have the same initials as did my dad and I which I always thought was so special!  This beautiful Peacock Alley blanket was given to her my my sweet college roomie, Erin Baugh!

*The well lit photos were taken by my extremely talented friend Racheal Laurin.  If you need an AMAZING photographer in the DC area, check her out.  Link to her site here!

Crib is by Graco and was easy to put together.  It felt pretty flimsy but once put together is very strong. It's linked here

The bloom floral sheet and changing pad cover are by Copper Pearl and linked.  They also make a pretty blanket is this floral pattern as well!
Large Premium Knit Baby Swaddle Receiving Blanket Floral "Grace" by Copper Pearl


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