Wild About It Wednesday 6-Fabletics

Over Christmas, my sister in law told me about these Fabletics leggings and how good they are.  Now that I actually run.....well some, I am extremely picky on how my pants fit me.  Basically, I like them to be high enough that my hiney isn't hanging out like a plumber's while chasing my kids.  I also want them tight enough around my waist, butt, and thighs so they won't fall down while running and attempting burpees.  I decided to try two pairs of Fabletics leggings as they do the two pair for 24$.  You will be automatically enrolled into a membership where you get a new outfit every month.  I ended up cancelling mine because I thought we were moving.  Turns out we aren't moving yet so I'm probably going to order some capris since it should, BETTER, be warming up soon!
I am so glad I ordered these because I LOVE THEM!  They are literally the best!  I had purchased 3 pair of running leggings from TJ Maxx after Claire was born and I can't run in any of them because they all fall down.  These are the closest thing to Lululemon without that price tag.  They do not fall down and the two pair I purchased are high waisted to keep my mom gut in check.  I'm so plain as I ordered 2 pair of solid black ones because they're slimming...duh!  I want to venture out to the color world next order though!
I ordered these two pair.  I size down when it comes to workout pants again because I like a tight fit.  Like less jiggling when running tight.  So I got a size small.  I'm 5'7 and usually wear a size 6 or 27's in pants.

The salar solid powerform legging is not quite as thick material as the powerhold legging and they don't come up as high on your waist.  However I still do love them. 

Both of my pair are very similar but the high-waisted ones are by far my favorite!

I've basically been living in this legging since Christmas.  I love the thickness of the material, the nice stretch that it gives and never loses it's "tightness".  Even after 30+ washes.

If you're interested in trying them, the link is below!  You won't be disappointed!


 Cliff loves to ask if I'm wearing Fubu......😂

And our dinner tonight was this delicious soup and I don't even really like avocado.

Chicken, Cilantro, Avocado Soup


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