My First Table Makeover

Now that our dark dining room table and hutch are gone,  I wanted to lighten up the girl's table and finally got around to it!  This is the my first table from Pottery Barn and was graciously given to us by a neighbor.  The white table with 2 chairs is $199 from PB or Ikea has a very similar version for under $50.  There are also a few on Amazon around $50.  There were a few dings as expected with kids so I wanted to paint it white and distress it to go along with our farmhouse table as they will be in the same room (Our base house is tight living quarters on the main floor).

I took the leftover white paint from the big table Cliff built and made my own "chalk paint".  I read on pinterest once that you can add cornstarch to paint to turn it into chalk paint and I have been doing this ever since.  I've never actually used actual chalk paint so I don't know any different.  I didn't have to sand the table or anything beforehand.  I just gave it a good wipe down then began painting.  I did 3 coats to be sure that I covered the dark wood.

Once it dried, I took some sand paper and distressed the corners and edges.  You can do this to your liking.  I was tired (I'm always tired) so I didn't put that much effort into it.  I then wiped down the table and chairs with a paper towel just to get the paint dust off.  I usually will put a wax on my painted pieces to finish them but I'm not sure where my wax is so I just used some matte finish polyacrylic that Cliff had in the garage.

Here it is!  I think it looks so much better and let's hope it stays white......haha yeah riiiiiggghhhht!

Toddler approved!


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