Wild About it Wednesday 5-Baby Wipes

Wipes!  Once you have kids, you can never have enough wipes!  I have them everywhere throughout the house.  I even carry an "emergency" pack in the car which comes in handy way more than you could ever imagine.  Poo, melted chocolate, ketchup, stickiness....so much stickiness, runny noses, mud, dirt, you name it!  With all of this being said, we go through them fast!  The cost of diapers and wipes adds up extremely quick so I have found an awesome cheaper wipe.
These are textured, do not tear like Huggies, thicker than Pampers, and come in a large box from ...........Walmart!  The sensitive kind are the only ones that I have used as Claire has bad eczema and these don't irritate it.  They do not have a scent however they do sell some that are scented but I've never purchased those.  You can get large box of 748 wipes for $13.47.  A large pack of Pampers wipes is $14.64 for only 528 wipes.  Over time, that little bit of money will add up!

Now the individual packages are a good bit bigger than the Pampers or Huggies wipes so it will make your diaper bag heavier if using them in there.  I buy the Pampers sensitive for the diaper bag sometimes just to avoid the extra weight.

I hear that Costco's brand of wipes are good too but we don't have a membership there.  I'm pretty sold on these Walmart wipes though!  Let me know if you use them too or if you try them!


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