Wild About it Wednesday 7- Native Jeffersons

It snowed today in Virginia on the second day of Spring!  While I am glad we got one more good snow for the season, I am definitely ready for some warmer temps and for pool days!  Which brings me to this WAIW, Native Jefferson Kid's shoe!  It is our most favorite summer shoe and I can't wait to get them out.  

While I love to put Charlotte in sweet girly sandals with dresses, these shoes are just more practical.  They cover her toes and keep them protected from her numerous falls.....she's clumsy like me.  They are aerodynamic hahaha basically holes all over them so her feet can breathe.  They are also extremely easy to clean.  You can run them through the dish washer or washing machine.  For tough stains on the toe part, I use blue Dawn and a magic eraser and they look good as new!  

Charlotte had two pair last summer and she lived in them.  She would wear them straight into the pool.  I didn't make her take them off because it also protected her feet from getting burnt on hot asphalt and concrete.....and stubbed toes.  Again, she's ridiculously clumsy.

She fell last summer at the pool and had to get her forehead glued, see picture below!

The best part is that they're slip ons.  They stay on, don't give blisters, and she can put them on herself!  Those are all wins in my book!  Do you want some yet?  Well if you do, they come in Adult sizes too and Cliff even bought a pair.  They do hurt his feet sometimes.  He says they aren't good for wearing longer than a couple hours, but I think they are super cute and I like that they match.

 I love them so much that I already have her two pair for this summer in two different sizes.  If I find a good deal, I may get her another color! They have a few pair on sale on Amazon and I've linked them below


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