Wild About It Wednesday 8-Roomba

This may be a no brainer but one of our most loved products is our Roomba vacuum!  We've even named her "Queenie".   If she gets stuck and makes the uh oh noise, Charlotte yells "UH OH QUEENIE STUUUUCCCKKK!"  It is a robot so you do have to remember that it doesn't have a brain and won't get every inch of your floor.  I find myself getting frustrated with her then I feel like a lazy idiot and remember how grateful I am to not have to vacuum every day!  The Roomba does a great job of keeping the dirt at bay and maintaining a clean floor.  We have a chocolate lab so I run ours usually every day.  I try to turn it on before we leave or while we are upstairs as the noise does get on my nerves.  When she is finished, I am always shocked at the amount of dirt, crumbs, and dog hair that she vacuums up!  I still pull out our big vacuum about every two weeks to get the hard to reach areas and to do a more thorough vacuuming!

We have the pretty basic model.  There are nicer ones where you can program it to run at a specific time.

Here is Charlotte yelling at Queenie because she kept running into her stroller!  I could not quit laughing!


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